When deciding on any social media direction, a measured and carefully planned strategy is required.  The process for social media in a small business is the same as a larger firm.  The key difference between large and small businesses is scale and economics.

There are four key elements we provide to this social media strategy and execution process.  They can be summarized as:

  1. Conducting analysis
  2. Developing social media strategies
  3. Executing the strategies
  4. Feedback, review, and evaluate

Social Media Messaging and Support

social-mediaSocial media planning has little to do with “us”.

It has everything to do with our audience, customers, and other targets of the message. A social media plan must be created and followed. Anything less reverts to ad hoc, knee-jerk reactions and mixed messages.  This is an inefficient use of time and resources.

Strategic development and execution of a social media plan is a team exercise.

Members of the team must arrive at the strategy together by thinking together, learning together, sharing ideas, debating, and arriving at conclusions together.

Our purpose and intention is to be a part of that team.

We take this very seriously, and recognize that members of a team give, take, compromise, listen, and learn.  We will offer firm ideas and direction and more if needed.

In the simplest terms, we strive to:

  • Deliver content to attract attention of customers (We need to create authentic interactions)
  • Build trust through social engagement (Show the people behind the company)
  • Convert these into increased reputation and sales (Execute and evaluate the plan)