Competitive intelligence (CI) provides actionable, timely and relevant intelligence to key decision-makers so they can make informed decisions on company strategies.

An intelligence function can act as a visionary, independent unit with ability to conceive of broad strategic implications /scenarios for a company.

Through our global network of associates, we can provide program design and support for your information needs at every level on most every topic.

Competitive Intelligence Programs

chessCI can place in context the various pieces of data and give them meaning and value through analysis.  Sources for these data points can include internal employees, external contacts who follow a specific topic or industry, secondary (purchased) research, or primary research projects. The work can be ambiguous, requiring a variety of skills including independent-thinking and insatiable curiosity.


A professional intelligence capability provides an honest perspective of a company’s competitive landscape and industry awareness.  It can remove bias within business decisions by providing a credible, external check on common thought.  It can be used as one factor in larger decisions, either as a catalyst for change, or validator of an action.

The impact time horizon for intelligence can be or any length, depending up on the type of intelligence required: technical product knowledge, tactical business actions, or overarching strategic development.

Core offerings of The J.E. Goldberg Group:

  • Assessment and implement an intelligence process
  • Subject matter experts
  • Training